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From a fleet of one, to a fleet of many.
Fleet Financial is an award winning leasing and fleet management company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

We provide cars and light commercial vehicles to Northern Ireland  businesses and drivers throughout the UK.
Whatever your needs, our flexible products provide cost effective solutions for sole traders, SME's and corporates.
Our local presence ensures personalised support and quick response times, crucial for businesses in Northern Ireland.
Our team is dedicated to supporting you with a timely, attentive, and personalised approach.


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Why Business Leasing?

Whether it's cars, vans, electric or hybrid, we've the key to all your business leasing needs!

Explore EV Salary Sacrifice

Charge up your employee benefits package with our Electric & Plug-in Hybrid salary sacrifice scheme

Personal Leasing

Your Car, Your Mileage, Your Monthly Budget!

Fleet Management

A fully outsourced fleet management solution that factors in your needs and business objectives

Additional Support Services

Why Fleet Financial?

Fleet Financial was incorporated in 1996, becoming part of Lookers in 2012.

We're a leasing and vehicle management company, providing cars and light commercial vehicles to Northern Ireland businesses and drivers throughout the UK.


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